Sarah taking notes

Meet Sarah

Sarah Maegdlin

Client and Project Manager

Sarah brings a wealth of education and experience to her work at Executive Advisory Partners. Sarah started working at The CSK Group, a strategic branding and marketing firm based in Colorado, when she was only 16 years old. Over the past decade, she has gained experience in client management, operations, marketing, administration, research, and customer service.

After several years working at the Walt Disney Company, Sarah joined Executive Advisory Partners (EAP) in 2017 full-time and wears multiple hats. In addition to being the primary client manager, she acts as the right hand man during interim CXO projects, helping to implement valuable business strategy and keep everything organized. While managing multiple large projects, she also operates as an interim outsourced Marketing Manager for several clients and is a significant contributor to developing business, strategic planning, branding, and marketing strategies.

Sarah is particularly adept at managing multiple, large, complex client projects, project management software research and application, copywriting and editing, social media management and optimization, developing and implementing strategic marketing plans and budget management.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas Christian University. She lives in Orlando, FL with her fiance and her rescue dog, Fitz, and loves all things outdoors.

Sarah’s standard day rate is $1,000/day.

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