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About Us

You know what you know...but you don't know what you don't know.

Even in the best-run organizations, leaders are limited by both their corporate culture and their finite experiences. As you lead, we come alongside you and complement your knowledge with our breadth of expertise. We've been in the senior executive chair, owned the sales number, managed the budget, and been accountable to the board. We've made the mistakes, seen what works and what doesn't. We've got the stories, bruises, successes, and failures to help you successfully navigate your opportunity—or crisis.

We cover all aspects of business, including visioning, corporate and product strategy, product development, technology, finance, operations, and sales and marketing. Executive Advisory Partners has a proven track record and a unique ability to produce results. Whether you are a small for-profit trying to grow your organization, a large public company entering a new market, or a nonprofit looking to reach a new audience or work through a founder transition, we know what you’re going through—you don't have to go through it alone.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Although each specific situation is different and must be uniquely addressed, here are some opportunities we’ve helped our clients leverage:

  • C-suite consultation

    Helping executives identify and lead through critical inflection points

  • Growth and turn-around strategies

    Building and executing meaningful transformation

  • Integrated strategy and execution

    Evaluating, building, and implementing mission-critical plans across sales, marketing, operations, IT, and product development

  • New product/service initiatives

    Strategically identifying market opportunities necessary to enter new markets and expand existing ones

  • Sales and marketing alignment

    Driving results and equipping sales with strategic tools to increase performance

  • Strategic messaging and positioning

    Clarifying and articulating organizational messaging and differentiators

  • Brand strategy

    Leveraging brand to increase business value

  • And more

    Including corporate and product strategy, corporate positioning, sales enablement, go-to-market strategy and execution, and executive turnover

Steve Maegdlin

“The team at Executive Advisory Partners have many gifts, and they are proven in their ability to provide timely input, wisdom, and counsel right when your organization needs it the most!”

Kent Kiefer, CEO, Scriptures in Use

“This team has put in the effort to have the hard conversations while helping to bring the necessary ‘gold’ to the forefront! They know what and how to do what is needed to bring you into the market you desire.”

Yvette Maher, Chief Development Officer, Dream Centers

Steve Maegdlin

Meet Steve Maegdlin

Founder and CEO

As a seasoned senior executive with 30+ years of global experience at the CEO, CMO, SVP and VP levels in large and small for-profit companies, large and small nonprofits, startups, and everything in between, Steve enjoys bringing his broad range of experience to a wide diversity of organizations, helping them lead and manage through critical inflection points.

Sarah Maegdlin

Meet Sarah Maegdlin

Director of Client Services

Sarah brings a wealth of education and experience to her work at Executive Advisory Partners, with a background in marketing, client management, operations, administration, research, and customer service. Her experience in management of multiple, large and complex client projects, social media management, and strategic marketing plan development is something she enjoys leveraging in service to EAP clients.

Our Partners

Executive Advisory Partners has a trusted network of partners who work closely with us and extend our capabilities with strategic and tactical products and services. We choose our partners based on their ability to improve outcomes and drive results.

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